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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 17, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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who have been here for five years and the captain of the team. the heart and soul of the franchise. a personal favorite of the now departed abe pollen is gone, and completing the uttering dismay was a major contender for the eastern conference title. and now, gilbert arenas is suspended for the year. ka ron butler, going to cleveland where he is now teammates with lebron james. and probably the favorite to win an nba title. and the wizards that take the floor tonight, against the minnesota timberwolves, absolute no resemblance to the ones that started this season. and probably no resemblance to a winning basketball team. the good news is they now have all kinds of salary cap rooms to use next year to negotiate with new players. the bottom line is jamison
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gone, an arch rival, cleveland cavalier tonight at 11 with more at the verizon center. >> thank you, sir. also tonight in your only local news at 7:00. sliding away. it's been a week since the last snow. and so why don't they break out a shovel? back in business, the county schools are about ready to reopen the two-hour delay tomorrow. and the tiny witness. the little girl who testified against her adoptive mother, about to murder the two sisters. i'm audrey barnes in rockville, with the trial of renee bowman, the mother accused of killing two of her adoptive daughters and stuffing the bodies in the freezer is now underway. >> reporter: a third adoptive daughter, seen here leaving court with her foster parents, testified against the woman she calls her exmother. joy bowman, who was 7 at
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the time, said she and them were locked in the bedroom for the baseball. prosecutors said that the two girls who died, the 10-year-old jasmine and 12-year-old, had more than 50 scars on their bodies. both of her arms were broken. probably from standing up. as for the motive. prosecutors played an interrogation tape where he confesses to killing the girl. i'm a monster, she says. caring for special needs kids is just too pup had. it's been a night mare sinceday one. i'm lindsey mastis in frederick county. what will it take to get schools here open? >> it's kind of fun and it's kind of not. >> school will open tomorrow with the two-hour delay. but the decision was not easy. >> we're losing a lot of important constructional time. >> reporter: with frederick county school, says that bus routes kept schools closed. >> we have bus drivers out on
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the roads. their own routes, checking out the routes. >> reporter: another problem? not all of the counties have sidewalks. parents and their kids spent hours shoveling a path. >> i just wanted to get out and sort of make it safe for the kids. >> reporter: schools have to alter their calendars to make up for that. looking at if there are still unshovelled sidewalks out from georgetown to downtown, found one consistent big offender. along k street, the picture is pretty much the same in each of the squares, operated by the park service. with unshovelled walkways, mcpherson or franklin. there is little. their sidewalk in or around the park. and the park is littered with another hazard, blocking the walkways. numerous trees and branches that fell during the storms have yet to be picked up. >> i'm from maine. so this is completely ridiculous
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to me. >> we recognize that what we call the downtown circles, the parks, the square parks need work. >> the national park service says that the priority is keep the roadways open, followed by the sidewalks around the national icons. it's a problem, without enough staff. >> for normal circumstances, it's absolutely an appropriate amount of the staff. >> reporter: but the sidewalks are not the only places still covered with ice and snow. drop lanes and streets have caused some problems all aos our region. sending our own, scott broom, here in northwest dc. to aspen hill at abg. that's a 12-mile drive. it took one of our colleagues more than an hour last night. but today, we found the roads moving a bit more smoothly that took him just about 40 minutes to drive there and to give us back the video via skype. for now, let's get to the 9news now traffic center to see how the roads are right now. >> reporter: with more snow melting, more lanes clearing, things will improve. take a look here, not a fun
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place to be. been out here for the past few hours now. this is without the class activity to speak of. just a lot of volume from the spur, all the way to 66 at the crawl. now, let's get over to our maps for 395 and 95 moving well to stretches especially here approaching there. our sensors are tracking about 13 miles per hour. so a slow ride going south on 95 in virginia as well. we're going to wrap it up in the district. talking about the wizards giving them the interesting developments there. but we're seeing some traffic moving here on 7th and 8th street. we've got one to point out. looking much better on the sidewalks here on 7th and 8th that i have seen over the past week. a lot of the snow melting here. good news for the both pedestrians. >> thank you. and now, to most of us, pretty much back at work now. how is your commute? any stories you would like to share? any prays for the crews clearing your routes? get your thoughts in an e-mail. that is mail bagth --
7:06 pm another impact of the snow could be seen at the national mark center. some of the cherry trees were damaged in the storms. in fact, it's the worst damage that the park says they have seen in nine years. >> we believe that a brand here, a twig here, even large branches on some of the trees are not enough damage to force the tree to be destroy or removed. >> trained people already trimmed the trees to keep them healthy. they will know what to do to keep the damaged trees recovered. no dates for the blossom peak blooms. speaking of cool, topper is here with that 9news forecast. how long are we thinking before we see maybe a 42 or maybe a 49? >> let's not go crazy. we'll try to deliver a 42. it's cold out here. the weupdz are still blowing. here's your forecast first. for tonight, mostly cloudy. a couple of flurries north of
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town. breezy and cold. more slick sots. if it looks wet, probably frozen. low temperatures in the 20s. and now temperatures, well, they are not that cold in the 30s. but when you factor in these winds, it's cold. it feels like it's 27 downtown and feels like it is at 20 out in winchester. we'll come back and talk about the 40s. and also talk about some flakes. two days of flakes on the 7-day forecast. we'll tell you which one will be the bigger of the two storms. >> thank you, topper. still ahead, studying the stimulus. a look at the impact that one year after the recovery acts took effect. ups and fedex, pushed through a backlog of the deliveries, thanks to the snowstorm on president's day. i'm peggy fox, we'll tell you when to expect your traffic. 11
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welcome back. these were just some of the vehicles that were stranded along several roads out in frederick county maryland during last week's big snowstorm. now one woman speaking out about after she got stuck and unstuck. rescue workers moved her four wheel drive on to the side of route 15 when they rescued her. but then the maryland state police towed her vehicle to a nearby service station and gave her a $200 ticket. you shouldn't have to pay when your car was towed without your permission. but police say she's the only driver to complain about that bill. well, if it absolutely positively has to be there overnight, then you might be in some trouble.
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due to the storms, companies like ups and fedex have a backlog of packages and struggling to catch up. if you think that driving to and from work is a post blizzard nightmare, be glad you don't deliver packages for a living. >> we're trying to do everything faster. it's hard. really hard. >> reporter: it's tough to find parking, but now snow banks covering parking spaces make it nearly impal. >> to find a good place to park, you know, and then to deliver. >> a few of the narrow streets, another truck meets me, and we wind up backing up. and it is just a lot of pain out there right now. >> reporter: alvin, an injured vietnam vet had to walk packages to some homes on snow covered streets. >> you see that intersection right there? i got stuck there.
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>> reporter: the massive snowfall certainly caused delays. but closed businesses didn't help. >> actually, yesterday, they were closed yesterday. and there are a lot of places for them that are closed a spokesperson says that the supervisors and the managers have been riding along with them to get the job done. several customers say that they were surprised to see the delivery services warily slow down. the drivers have been delivering packages to us and i got one at home. >> reporter: while access and safety issues may continue to be a problem, feddics say -- fedex says they are doing everything they can to get back on schedule. in alexandria, peggy fox, 9news now. if you are still waiting for a package, go to their website and to find out when they will get there. still ahead, lots of gold,
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silver, bronze. wait until you hear exactly what's hanging around the winter'sness this year. topper is back with that full forecast. stick with us. 
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don't be surprised if your hands get swabbed the next time you fly. expanding a program to screen passengers for explosives. asked to randomly screen for passengers while they are waiting for the regular security screening at metal detectors. the union representing the american airlines ground workers say they may go on strike next month. the transport workers union is asking the federal mediators to let th-pl walk away from contract talk if there is no deal by march 8. representing some 28,000 american airline workers. they have been trying to negotiate a new deal since 2008.
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toyota says that they are looking into fewer than 100 complaints about the power steering complaints in 2009 and 2010 models. drivers say that they feel like they are losing control of the steering at higher speeds. >> we'll make a recall of corolla if this is a problem that threatens the safety. if not, we'll provide the usual fixes. >> in the u.s. last year, those reports come after toyota recalled 8 million other vehicles for that accelerator program. a shot in the arm for the rail service through our area today. getting $98 million in federal stimulus money. it's just one of the companies that could help get them off of the nation's roads. that will be used to raise clearance on the tunnels and the brings. so they could carry the double stacked containers. today marks one year since
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president obama's economic stimulus plan took effect. we'll take a look to see if it accomplished what they promised. >> reporter: signed into law one year ago. what has the $8262 billion recovery act done to help communities across the country. >> one year later, it is largely thanks to the recovery act, the second depression is noing longer a possibility. >> reporter: the president says that the infusion of cash has created or saved millions of jobs this past year. with the large investment, the tax breaks and unemployment benefits. and to mark this anniversary, top administration officials fanned out across the country, to talk of their successes. >> the department of transportation is so far funded over 12,500 transportation construction projects nationwide, making a serious down payment on the need to rebuild. >> reporter: the republican critics say that the stimulus plan has not gone far enough. and the gop released this ad to
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counter the administration's claim. >> is $862 billion stimulus plan has failed to deliver. >> reporter: but the president admits that there is more work to be done. >> and millions of americans, are still without jobs. millions more are struggling to make ends meet. so it does not yet feel like much of a recovery. >> reporter: some cash strapped states regardless of the party flat forms are -- platforms are grateful for the financial aid. is >> this money has been very helpful for a lot of struggling californians. >> reporter: the bulk of the stimulus money has not yet been spent. and the administration says come spring and summer, more recovery act projects will break ground. in washington. the governor says that the stimulus act has created or saved nearly 20,000 jobs in maryland. the lieutenant government said that school is getting be more than $200,000. a part of the billion
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dollars for them in the last few years. $119 million of that is in prince george's county. in virginia, the governor made it official for them today. and he does plan to cut $731 million in support from local public schools. >> one of the most challenging times that the legislatures will ever face. and the decisions that they will make, will have real impact on the real virginiaens that have needs and depend upon the state government. >> reporter: the cuts add up to 11% of the state public education support. and they come on the heels of the $1.2 billion in the education cuts already on the table from the former governor, tim cain's time in office. the executive director of the virginia school board association says that the end result will probably be thousands of teacher layoffs. parents are talking about the cuts and their own school systems and the budget troubles at you might want to log on and join that conversation.
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does the front help? >> yes. we are available to play for the wizards. [ laughter ] >> yes, we are available. friday night. okay, thank you. that's kind of the level of the help that they need. >> i don't recognize anybody. >> yeah, it's pretty bad. we have winds, some flurries out there. and we are going to make 40 degrees. we are. we'll get pretty excited about that. here's your forecast first. the next three days, breezy tomorrow. 42. there's your 42. 41 on friday. 41 on saturday. clouds come in, a little light snow possible or flurries. late saturday afternoon and saturday night, not a big deal. that's not the big storm. and mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. more slick spots. winds are westerly at 10 to 15. let me show you live doppler. more snow showers and the snow flurries on the radar. you can access this via the web on most of it is north of town. also further out to howard county and into carol county.
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and still on the east side, again, just a couple of flurries, that's about it. tomorrow morning, breezy and cold. 20s and 30s. winds are still westerly at 10 to 15. by the afternoon, partly sunny. breezy, chilly. high temperatures in the low 40s. an improvement though. winds are westerly again at 10 to 15. satellite picture, radar combined. our snow on saturday. not a huge storm. it's going to be pretty quick move and not have much moisture with it. we got rid of the storm on monday. but still producing the upper level of it. still producing the counterclockwise flow. so they are still prevalent around our area and the appalachians and across the ohio valley. clouds willing hang tough tonight. and the next seven days. low 40s now. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, again, maybe a little light snow or flurries on saturday night. break on sunday. and a stronger storm monday into tuesday. it looks like a mixed event. it's not going to be all snow. probably won't be all rain either, unfortunately. temperatures in the 30s on monday and tuesday and wednesday. all right, thank you, topper.
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i appreciate that. well topper joked a minute about us getting the call from the wizards general manager. and they now do have an update on the breaking news from the top of the show. jamison's trade to the cavaliers. 9news now is the first place that you'll see this video. jamison leaving the verizon center, i tkpw-sz for the final time -- i guess for the final time, as brett haber told you, his name was up on the board to start the game, but then it came down. team captain, big star for us, traded to the cleveland cavaliers. but we'll have the latest tonight on 9news now at 11. >> wow. >> a lot of big changes. from our weird news file as if that was not weird enough, tonight in the words of actor will smith in the now ancient sci-fi classic independence day, i've got to get me one of these. where they have the coolest ride on campus, literally. actually a cooler on wheels. and at a concern, this turned into a campus icon known only as the cooler guy.
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and he is super popular, completely famous. he says he's actually gotten a marriage proposal. doesn't even have a drink in the cooler. just have some books and papers in there. i know that topper is seeing that right now. you could have your own mobile cooler. costing $300 to $800. >> yeah. >> we want to hear what you think -f. send your e-mails to 9news now will be right back.  with fios you have instant access
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v. well the mail wag is a little then tonight. i leave you instead for some food for thought. you may think that the olympic champs are wearing gold, silver, bronze around their neck. but they are actually wearing what's left of tvs, computers, key boards. all of the medals being handed out in vancouver are being made from parts taken from recycled
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electronics. you can read more about it and see a video of the process on just click on living green. well, a that's our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11 along with anita brikman. and tonight, we're working on another safe and sound of the story for you. child porn ogers -- pornographers. they live in every part of our area. watch what happens when state troopers set a trap and how you can protect your children tonight at 11. is always there. we'll see you a bit later. bye. hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 calories per serving. more grains. less you. make the switch. get $5 in coupons.
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kevin smith's new video in his fat fight. this is "entertainment tonight." >> didn't want to see the fat dude. >> the hollywood star's angry first words on camera. >> humiliation. >> his candid confessions about living fat. >> we're all kind of dying inside a little bit. plus -- >> excuse me. >> vanessa minnillo as a 350-pound woman. "e.t.'s" hidden camera fat suit expose. >> i couldn't get dressed. breaking news. tiger woods out of hiding before he ends his eye lens friday. sarah palin blasts "family guy." >> my mom is the former governor of alaska. >> the down syndrome joke that has sarah sounding off. >> this world is full of cruel people who would do such a thing. brad and angelina with their rarely seen twins. the latest news on the jolie/pitt family vacation.


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